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Bluberry Cakes Lagos (sister to Bluberry Cakes Asaba) is honored to serve boutique style cakes, sweet treats, gourmet cupcakes and contemporary wedding cakes to residents within Lagos state.
Our Cakes and treats are always freshly baked with the finest ingredients, and always have the wholesome homemade taste.
Bluberry Cakes has been serving PREMIUM CAKES and DESSERTS since 2004, from Asaba Delta state and we are delighted to bring the same tastes of love to you.
Our company was founded by Internationally recognised and award-winning cake artist Itohan Asibor. With passion and dedication, Bluberry Cakes has grown from the home kitchen of our founder, to the thriving business it is today.
Our hallmark includes our artistic attention to details, commitment to using the finest quality in our ingredients, and of course, our passion for all things sweet.

Clients About Us

The holidays with my family would have been totally different and even boring if it wasn't for your amazing desserts. Candies, cupcakes, macarons were simply unforgettable! The sweets are the best, especially with the great service and at affordable price. Thanks!

Maya Jones
Maya28 y.o.

Beautiful designs, bright colors and wonderful taste! I loved the cupcakes that we ordered for my kids Birthay Party last month! The flavor and texture were fantastic! And it's not that just the kids loved them - we all had a couple for ourselves to enjoy and savour.

Susan Smith
Susan32 y.o.

Every time I host a party or have a special occasion, your desserts are a regular part of it! Sweet, delicious and amazingly lightweight, they make everyone fall in love with it immediately. Thank you for your amazing job, I appreciate fast delivery and the cost!

Molly Kay
Molly30 y.o.

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Sugars contribute moisture and tenderness to baked goods. Flour or starch components serves as a protein.
Fats contribute moisture and can prevent flaky layers.

Sweet Box For Her

Some desserts are made with coffee, such as tiramisu, or a coffee-flavoured version of a dessert can be made.
Alcohol can also be used as an ingredient, to make desserts.